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Liberty Assortment

Sale price $140.00 Regular price $187.00

This assortment is handpicked with a good variety of fireworks at a great value

Includes the following:

100 Shot Saturn Battery Missile
100ct Firecrackers 
Buzz Bang or Rainbow Plane
Sky Team (x2)
Single Night Parachute (x2)
10 Ball Assorted Roman Candles (4 pack)
Snow Cone Jr.
Gladius Sword
Dancing with Ghost 
Little Chief
Lucky Star Fountain
Pure Fantasy
Naughty Boys
Flashing Strobe
Crackling Balls
Neon Planet Smoke Balls
Color Change Smoke
Crackling Ground Bloom Flowers
Large Cracker Snaps (2 boxes)
Mini Shell Kit
Color Butterfly Rockets
Neon Sparklers
Firecrackers 16ct (4 packs)