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Kids Fun Assortment

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This assortment is a good variety of fountains and novelties - Perfect Kid's Fun Assortment

Includes the following:

Snow Cone Jr.
Gladius Sword
Cuckoo Fountain
Dancing with Ghost or Ecstasy
Twister Fountain or Little Chief
Ground Bloom Fountain
Pure Fantasy
Killer Bee's
Naughty Boys
Large Tank (2 Pack)
Flashing Strobe
Crackling Balls
Bonkers or Smoke Balls
Neon Planet Smoke Balls
Party Poppers (6 pack)
Crackling Ground Bloom Flowers
Pop Pop Snaps (5 boxes)
Small Bee's or Zippers
Torch Sparklers (8 pack)
No. 8 Gold Sparklers (2 boxes)
Hens Laying Eggs (4 pack)